About us...
Big Ears offers a one stop sound specialist service. Read on to find how to have your sound, A/V and Events’ technical needs met.
Big Ears is headed by Neil Snyman, audio professional, qualified “HND Electrical Eng, LC T4”, Johannesburg University of Technology (SABC bursary) in 1980.
Most of what is offered by Big Ears passes through his hands (and ears). Affable character that he is, he has the support of an enviable network of entertainment and presentation industry professionals from accomplished artists trough specialist technicians, engineers and multidisciplinary computer whizzes to copywriters, designers and architects.



His track record:
10 years in Broadcast studio technology as Engineer, Studios, Main Control and TV Switching Centre at the SABC Durban Studios.
Then 10 years as director/owner of Durban Beach Studios and record label (Eagle Records) where he pioneered new and innovative ways of marketing indigenous music recordings.
The next 10 years was given to The Playhouse Company, Durban, first as Head of Sound/Sound Designer, then moving on to Manager Recording Studios after receiving government backing from the Dept of Arts and Culture to set up a world class recording facility featuring the biggest ProTools studio installation in Africa. This was set up with 40 individual audio tie-lines to the 1400 seater Opera Theatre for recording of individual microphones used in theatre.
Capable of 5.1 surround mixing and mastering, it also incorporated new drum booth and was linked to 10000 sq ft recording auditorium designed to accommodate an eighty piece symphony orchestra! The Grammy Award winning album of Ladysmith Black Mambazo was recorded here in 2003.

We also provide the following services:
  • desk top publishing, CD cover design, CD and DVD replication, HD video production, Web design, 3D computer animation


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